Do You Want to Sell Salvaged Reclaimed Building Materials

Womacks Building Supplies buy salvaged and reclaimed building material. We buy out stock from many sources such as demolition companies but a large proportion of out reclaimed architectural salvage comes from small companies and private individuals.

We are happy to give a value for and buy both small and large quantities of salvage. If your items are easily transported we will be able to offer the best price if you bring them to us at our salvage yard in Carleton Rode. Please give us a call before coming to make sure your trip might be worthwhile or you could send us an enquiry via email. When a large amount of items to be salvaged are involved, we will arrange a convenient time to call and value the building materials to be reclaimed.

The best time to get your salvage valued is before you begin your project. Womacks may even be able to help with demolition and reclamation of your old building. This could reduce the cost of your project and provide cash from reclaimed building materials to further cover costs.

If you are looking to sell reclaimed and salvaged building materials contact Womack Building Supplies for free salvage valuations.

Sell reclaimed salvaged building materials to Womack Building Supplies